Renovations, Repairs, and Construction

Commercial and Residential Swimming Pool Design, Construction and Renovation Services

VIVA Pools offers complete set of Swimming Pool, Spa and Fountain services in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. Our vast knowledge and expertise in the pool industry will help you in determining the best approach for Repairs, Renovations, and Restoration of your existing Swimming pool, Spa or Fountain. If you don't have one, we can build it for you! Call us today! We are here to help in any way we can!

Design & Build

VIVA Pools offers complete set of design/build and construction services. We will work with you from project envisioning, development, and sealed construction documents though contracting and completion of the entire project. We guarantee you an exceptional result that is well fit within your budget.

Comprehensive Building Services

VIVA Pools is a Class A General Contractor with a building license.

Combining the design with the construction capabilities creates unrivaled benefit to the end customer. The main benefits of design-build projects are:

  • overall project management
  • streamlined schedule
  • overall cost effectiveness
  • guaranteed maximum project price
  • completion within deadlines

VIVA Pools’ goal is to achieve maximum satisfaction for all customers at reasonable cost.

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Facility alterations and additions  

VIVA Pools will assist in designing and building of any type of addition or alteration to your existing swimming pool, spa or aquatic center such as:

  • ADA Ramps and Zero depth entries
  • Splash Pads and water features
  • Water slides and attractions
  • Code compliance alterations

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Feasibility Study, Facility Audit and Multi-Year Budgeting

VIVA Pools uses comprehensive approach to analyze the functional, operational and economic impact that will result from the creation of a new or renovated facility. VIVA Pools feasibility study is a fusion product of modern business intelligence and years of experience in the aquatic business. We will provide you with valuable information needed for your decision making processes. The professional analysis will allow you to make a knowledgeable decision regarding repair, renovation or replacement. We know that long term planning is important so we created a system that will provide you with multi-year budgeting, so no item is left behind and unforeseen repairs are minimized.

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Aquatic Consultants

VIVA Pools’ specialized aquatics expertise is highly valuable to architectural firms and designers on a variety of projects. We offer our consulting services also directly to the customers in need of professional assistance. We will take your concern very seriously and provide you with a set of options for better decision making.

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Mechanical Design and Engineering

VIVA Pools will provide complete aquatic mechanical systems design including circulation, filtration and disinfection, as well and specific applications as:

  • Hydraulic Design and specifications
  • Systems selection, sizing and applications
  • Advanced Filtration Systems
  • Integrated UV Applications
  • Disinfection Automation
  • Heating and HVAC sizing
  • Overall pool automation

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Compliance and Permitting

VIVA Pools has in-house permitting support staff with over 10 years of experience working with state and local government regulatory agencies. Obtaining permits and the creation and implementation of code compliance plans is seamlessly incorporated with every project we are involved. We are all here to help.

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Aquatic Operations

Our goal is to assist the customers in any aspect. We have licensed instructor with NSPFand we provide swimming pool operators (CPO) classes. Additionally we assemble and perform all necessary facility specific training, manuals and action plans.  We will make sure your facility operators will create a safe environment for all patrons.

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Aquatic Mechanics and Hydraulics

VIVA Pools offer to new construction and existing customers a large variety of mechanical improvements and options:

  • Construction of pool water treatment plants,
  • Assembly and installation of advanced filtration systems
  • Assembly and installation of all hydraulic components
  • Automation and controls
  • Pool Heaters and HVAC

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Renovations & Special Services

Swimming Pool, Spa or Fountain Repair & Renovations is where we can really help! VIVA Pools has experts on staff that will provide you with the best options to revive the charm of your Pool, Spa or Fountain.

No job is too small or too large for VIVA Pools! Let us bring the life and enjoyment back to your pool

Pool Re-Plastering and Specialty Pool finishes

Through our well established partners we offer the entire gamma of pool finishes:

  • White pool plaster (Marcite)
  • Diamond Brite Pool Finishes
  • River-Rok Exposed Aggregate
  • Diamond Brilliance Pool Finishes
  • PebbleTec and PebbleFina
  • Ceramic tiles

We offer the client total project coordination and supervision ensuring all industry guidelines are met during every step of the process. Our strong relationships with contractors and material manufacturers ensures unsurpassed guarantee of our products and all this is for the benefit of our customers.

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Pool Coping and Waterline tiles

When it comes to the part of your pool that is most visible, VIVA Pools can offer various products that will create the “WOW” effect in the eyes of every visitor. Our customers capitalize on our large network of manufacturers and importers of high quality pool products such as natural stone pool coping, fine domestic and imported porcelain tiles and one of the largest varieties of pre-cast pool copings.

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Pool Deck Finishes

Revitalizing the pool deck plays important role of the overall look of the facility. VIVA Pools offers a variety of solutions to achieve the best look at most reasonable price. We offer:

  • Concrete Pool Deck Replacement
  • Stamped concrete
  • Concrete overlays and specialty finishes
  • Deck tile installation
  • Pavers and specialty decking systems
  • Fences and Gates

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Complete Pool Restoration

Having a need of complete solution to revive your pool? That is the best side of VIVA Pools. Our Restoration services include:

  • Pool Concrete shell repairs and replacement
  • Hydraulic pipeline replacement and upgrades
  • Entire Pool Deck replacement
  • Waterproofing and Dewatering
  • Bathhouse renovation
  • Filter rooms renovations
  • Code compliance modifications (ADA, VGB and ANSI)
  • Filtration systems upgrades and replacement

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Special Services

Fountains, Splash Pads and Interactive features

VIVA Pools experience and knowledge expands over Design, construction and renovations of water fountains, splash pads and interactive water features.

We teamed up with leading manufacturers to provide some of the most unique solutions and improvements of our customer’s facilities by adding unique features and renovating their existing attractions.

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Water slides

Addition of a major attraction to any aquatic facility is one of the most important decisions that owners must make. VIVA Pools is here to assist in every step of the way. From the design concepts, through the feasibility studies and construction costs to delivering a final complete product. We have access multiple manufacturers of water slides which guarantee you a choice of the best equipment on the market.

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Spa and Whirlpools

The spa and the whirlpool is the most relaxing place of any pool for all visitors, therefore it must be addressed with special care and special design features. VIVA Pools can install new or renovate existing Spa, Whirlpool or Jacuzzi so all patrons can enjoy the health benefits of the feature.

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Lazy Rivers

Addition of a lazy river to every aquatic complex can certainly convert it to a first class water park. VIVA Pools can design and build your dream water feature and revive your facility.

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Safety Pool Covers and Fences

We at VIVA Pools know how important is to keep your facility safe at all times. Maintaining the fence around your pool is only one side of keeping the facility safe. A fence is important, but unfortunately is only deterrent and it will not stop all from entering. For this reason we highly recommend installation of safety pool covers.

VIVA Pools offers covers from leading manufacturers: Loop-Loc, Merlin, Meyco, Coverlon

We will custom measure your pool and provide you with a cover of precise fit so it actually improves your pools offseason looks.

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Special Projects

VIVA Pools is here to help you with any way we can. All customers are special to us. If you have a special project in mind please let us know and we will do our best to help you build it.

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About VIVA Pools

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Our Vision & Mission

Water is life, water is health, water is fun! We know it and we want to keep it that way.

We are VIVA Pools, we want to give life to everything we come across! The pools, aquatic parks, and water features have been always the main amenity providing enjoyment to people of all ages. These are the place where kids play with parents and grandparents, where people meet, make friends, and enjoy life.

VIVA Pools was created by a team of experts in the swimming pool industry with over 40 years of combined experience.

Throughout the years we noticed that the aquatic industry needed a highly dependable and capable single source provider of solutions that will meet the ever growing needs of improving the quality of life of the pool owners and patrons.

Our mission is to give life to our costumers' aquatic facilities through superior design, building, and renovation services. Most importantly, we aim to serve our customers with our knowledge, skills, energy and strength, so their patrons, friends, and relatives can benefit of their improved lifestyle!

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